Ilustrată: "Arhivele Statului"

februarie 16, 2016
Azi are loc vernisajul expoziției de

 fotografie “Calendar de București”

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Roger Gauthier spunea...

Interesting photo!

I had lost track of your blog, Florena. Glad to see that you are still here and not only on facebook that I positively hate.

By Jove, Google Translator is as bad as it ever was, and it is a shame. I can hardly be sure of what you wrote. Of course this is the result of my own ignorance, knowing only two languages and a half (beginning Spanish).

Tell me, is there a way to become a follower of your blog in the traditional blogger method?

Cheers, Roger

Florena spunea...

First of all thank you for your appreciation Roger and welcome back!
I am here, first love, but also on facebook. :)
I will try in the future a writing easier and clearer for the translation to be closer to reality.
Regarding the follow up, I added a new button above. Subscribe and receive emails whenever I post here. :)

All the best,