En las calles de Sevilla

aprilie 08, 2015

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Roger Gauthier spunea...

What an extraordinary series of photographs! I like them all, though I think that the first part, all those vertically framed photos, should be separated because they form a distinct entity in my opinion.

This vertical framing is a wonder by itself, and I congratulate you for daring do it. Vertical framing is so seldom used, and yet it can be so powerful, as is the case here.

Florena spunea...

First I want to thank you for your appreciation Sir Roger. I feel honored by your visit.
And yes, you're right with the separation of the first part. The series of pictures is large, hence the rush to post them all. I remedied the situation and thank you dearly for the suggestion.


Me encanta el color de tus fotografías, muy bueno.
Un abrazo,

Florena spunea...

Muchas gracias! ¡Hasta pronto!