Apropierea somnului (2)

februarie 05, 2011
Un ultim vuiet
Al marii de lumina
Si ochii verzi
Usor se scufunda
in lacrimi.
Muzica trece,
Cortina se trage,
Actorii se duc in culise -
Peste zi
din adanc intuneric se face
Cuvintele inchid pleoapele
Sub adierea unui sarut
Ochi inchis,
Ochi deschis
De fericire sfulgera
Asteptand forma iubirii fluida,
aceasta iubire
e o idee,
e trupul  ce tremura
lipsit de soare,
lipsit de cel iubit...

2 comentarii:

Roger Gauthier spunea...

I love your poetry, dear Florena. It's so good and powerful that it goes right through Google Translator and survives.

I sometimes hope that I could understand all languages. I miss so many things... So when I can understand one your poems, like this one, it is somewhat moving.

Does that make sense?

Florena♫ spunea...

I'm glad you love my poetry Roger ... this excites me very much. Glad you manage to understand considering that the lyrics are in romanian language.

All the best, Florena!

... and YES, it makes sense! :)