Inima florilor!

iunie 19, 2010

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Dragoş Şuta - photography & words spunea...

ca de fiecare data, o sensibila. superb surprinsa prima! mare cat inima mea, mare cat inima mea, mare cat inima.... :)

Florena spunea...

Multumesc Dragos, natura este de vina ca sunt sensibila in fata florilor, cu atat mai mult in fata acelei "inimi a florilor"... cine nu ar fi?!:P

BIJOU spunea...


O meu mundo spunea...

Hello I loved the blog and saw that we have much in common, photography!
My blog was hacked and now build another blog, I hope that puddle visit and if you like great!
'll Linkalo on my blog!
I am very happy, thank you!


Florena spunea...

@ BIJOU multumesc frumos!

@ Hi Petra! Thank you for your visit and comment, you are cute! Thanks also for proper link added to your blogroll list. I will gladly add to my list.